Monday 8 August 2011

Why Do I Struggle To Finish Anything?

Reviewing my blog, noticed the main projects I was embarking on at the time I started my blog have all fallen by the wayside and remain unfinished several months later.

As I started my blog I was nearing the completion of my 3000pt High Elf army for Warhammer, I had 2 units of reavers and a unit of sea guard to go to have a fully painted functioning army, and since then I've finished no more Elves and they're all still sat on my table.  I'm now waiting for Dwarf Kings Hold: Green Menace to be dispatched from maelstrom games (not very patiently it has to be said, damnit I want it now), but the Revenants from Dwarf Kings Hold: Dead Rising remain undercoated and unstarted (admittedly this is partly due to the fact I already have some Mantic Revenants painted).  The worst case is that of the two rat ogres featured early on that still haven't got their handler painted (or even started for that matter).  These are only recentish examples, I have literally hundreds of unpainted minis (In one case a whole Napoleonic French army not even started).

I have painted a lot of minis in that last few months (including a lot 1:3000 scale WW2 ships), but I'm looking at the last batch of Boers sat on my table as well as all the stuff above, but I don't want to paint them, I want to go and buy one of those new GW chimeras as a project for my week off that is coming up.

So what I'm really wondering is wether this is something that just affects me or if its a common curse to most gamers and collectors, or is it simply the fact I buy too many models and have a tendency to fall for 'oh shiny' syndrome.  And how do I solve this, I need to be more disciplinced I think, but I'm disciplinced at work and this is my relaxation, and being regimented about it may sap out all the fun.  And thats essentially what its all about, fun, I might just have to face up to the fact that nothing will ever be finished properly, but on the plus side I will at least always have something to paint.

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