Sunday 4 September 2011

Dwarf Kings Hold - The Orcs

I've just finished painting the Orc models from Dwarf Kings Hold: Green Menace, the first thing to note is that these are the same models as the orcs in Mantics standard Kings of War range, you get 2 Greatax (bigger orcs with big double handed axes) and 6 Ax (normal orc warriors) as well as an assortment of little orclings (which I've not painted yet).  I Like them a lot, they give the impreesion of big mean vicous and brutal orcs, not the caricatures of orcs some companies put out, and for some reason I particulary like the shape of the sheilds.  The only issue is that they're a bit top heavy and tend to fall over a lot, I might end up having to base them after all (square bases are provided if bought as Kings of War models, but are not provided in DKH)   If I ever revamp my Orc and Goblin army several units of these will find their way into it.

The two Greatax

Some of the Ax

More Ax

The Orcs explore the Dwarf Kings Hold


  1. They are nice orcs, but I like Wargames Factory's orcs too.

  2. I wasn't famailiar with the wargames factory ones, but I've been over and had a look, and I can't decide if I like them or not, still I appauld the fact they've tried something different


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