Wednesday 28 September 2011

Warhammer Chaos Slannesh Sorcerer

This is my first model from Games Workshops new plastic character range for warhammer.  I was unsure about this range at first, as making single pose models seemed to remove all the advantages of the medium, but I do like the chaos sorcerer model so I've gone out and bought it.  It's a nice model, a second head option would make the kit even better, but still its a good kit.  The scenic base included on the sprue is a nice additional touch too, although this does mean he doesn;t match with the rest of my army.  This as yet unnamed sorcerer is to be a low level to support my Sorcerer Lord and commander of my Warriors of Chaos army Ne'ath (more about him and his saga in an upcoming post).



  1. Nice job on this guy. The new plastic singles have been very good so far. I picked up a few of the VC ones.

    Although I'll always have a thing for metals, having characters in plastic makes them much easier to convert if you want to. Plus their not Finecast.

  2. As a gamer I'm a big fan of the fact they take being knocked over easier as well.

    Makes me wonder what the point of finecast is though really when they produce plastics like this

  3. I thinks it might be the noses actually. You're quite right with the visors they look a bit alien and terrifying but without a bit meh.

    Nice quick job there I preferred the Orcs but painted is better than plastic.

  4. Yeah I know the job I did on the elves isn't great, but as you said it's always better painted, I really hate playing with unpainted minis


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