Wednesday 18 April 2012

Lego Games - Frog Rush

Another impulse purchase today, and another lego game added to my collection, this cost me the tiny sum of £3 (normal retail price is around the £10 mark).  After I was pleasently surprised with magma monster I thought I'd give it a go.

The contents are pretty much what you would expect, you get a big green flat bit of lego that's the board, two bags of lego pieces, one of the changable lego dice and two booklets, one which contains the assembly instructions and the other contains the rules.  The english rules only take up 3 pages and are very simple, theres then a bit about modifying the game with some optional rules.  No complaints here, a good quality set.

Gameplay is pretty simple, players take it in turns to roll the big lego dice and then either move one of your frogs a certain number of squares, jump a frog over as many frogs as you can or use the stork.  Using the stork is fun as it allows you eat one of your opponents frogs, jumping is also fun and you can sometimes get all the way across the board.  The aim is to get your frogs to the bench opposite, the person with the most frogs wins.  There is some tactics but its pretty basic, blocking opponents frogs and choosing who's frog to eat is about it.

This is a fun enough little game, it doesn't have a huge depth, but I'm not sure that really matters, this is for when you need a quick little game that won't scare anyone with elves or goblins. 

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