Monday 21 May 2012

New 40k Eldar

May's not been a good month for my blog so far.  First I had the broken computer, and then for the last week the need to earn a living has got in the way of me finishing any projects or finishing any of the reviews I have half written.  But finally I've added the final touches to the latest additions to my eldar army, a squad of Dire Avengers and a Farseer.

The Dire Avengers are a much needed third troops choice for my army.  I think they're pretty good gamewise actually, able to put out impressive amounts of firepower, even if like all eldar they are fragile.  These took me quite a while to paint, and I'm particulary pleased with the Exarch's bone sword and with the crests.

And also this farseer, I painted this guy up mainly so I don't have to use the Avatar as my HQ choice in every battle.

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