Saturday 2 April 2011


Welcome to the first post of my blog, this will be a collection of pics of my current painting projects, gaming stories, rules musings and anything else that crops up.  I play warhammer fantasy mainly, but also 40k, mordheim, warhammer quest, a slection of tactical boardgames & star wars miniatures.  I also collect and paint historical figures (mainly 1/72 scale) but have yet to play any games with them.

Anyway to get started heres a few pics of my latest projects.

My new plagueclaw catapult.  Love the new Skaven plastics, and this kit in particular is great.  With the island of Blood and a few bits I had already my Skaven 'army' stood at 900pts and this has taken it upto a nice round 1K.

My High Elf Prince on a lion from the chariot model.  Not an origanal idea I know, but I still think it looks cool.  My High Elf army has also come about due to the Island of Blood boxed set, its gone from the ancient plastics from the old 4th ed boxed set to 3000pts since september, and its nearly all painted.

And as a taster of my historical work here is a pic of some of troops for the Sudan camapaign in the early 1880's, models are 1:72 scale from HaT industrie.

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