Monday 11 April 2011

oooOOOoooo that was unexpected

Well I was going to write today about the new trend in big plastic kits that GW seem to be bringing out with every release (the sphinx, aracknorak, hell pit abomination.. etc) and how I thoroughly approve of this trend.  The main reasons I love this trend is the fact that all these models have been awesome, they add a lot of fun to the game (whilst in my experience not being overpowering, afterall a cannon will still kill almost anything) and the price  for the kits has actually been reasonable.  However the rest of this post has been superceaded by the shock news today that an expansion for warhammer is due out in the summer called 'Storm of Magic'.

Whats Storm of Magic I hear you say.  Well we don't know much yet, but we do know there are gonna be new Terrain, Wizard and Monster kits and new kits are always good.  It seems to be an apocalyse style expansion, but we'll just have to wait and see.

So I've been playing warhammer since 4th ed. and I've seen a lot of changes over the years and 8th ed. was one of the biggest.  Overall I've been pretty chuffed with 8th ed. (full thoughts in a later post) and think the feel of the game has been changed for the better, however the one change I haven't liked has been the magic.  When we play it seems to easy to 6-dice a crucial spell and it will almost always work (who cares if your wizard dies if the spell wins you the game) so I'm not sure more powerful magic is really gonna help.  On the plus side I'm already excited at the prospect of giant new monster kits and hope that means more than just a generic drgaon (though of course that will be cool too).  It might be wishful thinking but I'm also hoping for some cool massive dwarf war machine, maybe an airship, golem or even a land ironclad.  Dwarves are by far my largest army (over 15,000 pts) and whilst I have the anvil of doom and the throne of power they could do with a proper big centerpeice.

All in all I think we're in for an interesting summer as far as Warhammer goes, well done GW.

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