Sunday 10 April 2011

More Mantic Goodness

Well this almost seems to be becoming a mantic games blog (at least until the next new shinny thing crosses my path) and today I'm showing off some mantic figures I've painted over the last couple of days.

First off we have the dwarf warriors from Dwarf Kings Hold

I think the top 3 are better models, the other 2 with the moulded on sheilds aren't quite as good, I've left them unbased for now as I only have 7 mantic dwarves and that doesn't make a regiment, this might change as if I get any more.  The skeletons and revenants form DKH(dwarf kings hold) have already been stuck on square bases to add to my vampire counts army.

Next we have the sheildbreakers from DKH

I found this sprue a mixed bag, I think the guy on the left looks great, but I don't really like the beard on the guy on the right.

and now a couple of bits of 'mantic fun'

2 cool little pieces, really like how they've actually been incorporated into the game as well.

Next up the Dwarf Driller Mantic Journal Subscription Model

This is such a niffty little model, shame it currently has no use in either Kings of War of DKH, hopefully that will change in the future, I think it would fit escpically well into DKH, maybe allowing it to dig connecting tunnels?

And Finally....

I got these ghouls ages ago when mantic were giving them out free, not sure why its taken me so long to paint them, some of the best models in mantics range in my opinion, and I really enjoyed painting them.

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