Wednesday 13 April 2011

Something I haven't done in an age..

So yesterday I did something I've not done in 7 years or so.  I played somebody new at warhammer (new to me that is, not new to the game).  It was a bit of a revelation. 

My normal game group consists of me and 3 other people, we've all know each other a long time and we know what models we have (the odd new thing gets added of course, but a whole unexpected army is rare), and I think we've developed our own style of playing, not so much in rule variation, but in army selection.  We tend to play low powered armies.  Me and my new opponent played 2 games, one at 2k (his ususal level) and one at 1k (my ususal level due to time contraints and wanting more than one battle).  Both were close games he won at 2k and I won at 1k, which I found interesting, at 2k I missed the importance of the anvil of doom until it was too late (I now have an urge to use my anvil again for the first time since 5th ed) and at 1k my opponent missed how every small unit and a concentartion of force were vital.  It was just so obvious how stuck in my ways I'd become.  The other thing that shocked my opponent was when I deployed an army without and magic items,  I thought nothing off it and  I rarely play with more than a dispel scroll.  I've had a relook at the magic items and I think I've been missing out on some fun.

I really must endevour to do this more often.  I wonder what else I'm missing out on.


  1. I take it you mean an opponent who was new to you, but not new to Warhammer. My first reading of that post was that you were initiating people into WHFB for the first time...

  2. yes, thats right. I've edited the post to make it clearer, thanks for that.


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