Saturday 16 April 2011

Some Conversions

So today I'm showing some conversions I did.

First off a Chaos Terminator Lord.

This is based on the Abbadon body that I got in a job lot off ebay.  It was missing its head and sword arm, a simple search through my bitz box and hey presto what I think is a good result. 

Next we have my Blood Knights

I had a totally differnet motivation for converting this unit, unlike the chaos lord who was a 'conversion of opputunity' this was planned as a money saving exercise.  They're based on plastic Bretonnian Knights with the simple addition of one of the vampire counts metal sheild packs and lance arms from the old hybrid chaos knight models (just to make them look a bit more menacing and give them a bulkier look).  The standard come from the plastic zombie sprue with another sheild attached.  I like to imagine my vampire lord has corrupted a group of bretonnian knights, one day I'd like to try and make some bretonnian themed black knights to go with them.

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