Tuesday 28 August 2012

White Dwarf 393 & Wargames Illustrated 299

Well what do we have here, with the release of the new Dark Vengeance set I was of course expecting coverage of such a momentus release, but alas what we get is what feels like a giant advert, with little of real value.  We start off of course with the new releases section with pics of the new models.  We then get an intro to the new starter set and then a bit of background on it.  Next we get a large article which gives brief battle reports on all 6 of the scenarios from the new box!  It's overkill and disappointing.  Next is a terrain 'showcase' (read advert), and then a painting showcase showing some alternate schemes for models in the box.  The painting showcase is quite interesting and features the new chaos models painted up as alpha legion in a similar scheme as I intend to do mine.  There are some other miniatures showcases as well for space marines and a couple of warhammer armies.  There is also the return of the citadel hall of fame and a dreary standard bearer.  Whilst the painting and modeling showcases aren't bad overall I'm not impressed with this issue at all.

This months theme in wargames illustrated is the wars of the roses.  For the theme we get the usual overview article of the period, looks at the battles of towton and bosworth, and a look at how to paint up burgundian mercenaries.  It was all interesting enough although its not a period I can see myself gaming at any point soon.  Flames of war of course features with a tactics article for American light tank companies and a bit of history and paint schemes for the Messerschmitt Me262 'Stormbirds'.  There is also an interesting look at Osprey's new arthurian rules Dux Bellorum, something else to tempt me and one of many new rulesets osprey plan on releasing.  Other articles of note include battle reports for the battle of naseby and the tet offensive.  Like last months this issue isn't bad, but isn't spectacular either.  I presume they're saving all their best stuff for next months special big celebration issue.

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