Sunday 18 October 2015

Kings of War Reinforcements

We've been enjoying Kings of War of late, and our gaming group is in the process of repurposing old fantasy minis, and buying new ones, to give ourselves more list building options, I can't remember the last time everyone got this galvanised into painting like this.  I'm no exception and I've a few bits and pieces that I've finished in the last week or so;

Lets start with some actual Kings of War minis, these Forest Shamblers for my Forces of Nature army.  I've got three of these coming with my FoN starter army from Kickstarter later in the year, but experience has taught us that 'large infantry' hordes (units of six) are formidable so I couldn't resist getting another three now. 

These three Merfolk are from Foundry and I am planning to use them as water elementals in my FoN army.  I've had to do a different base style for these figs, as merfolk on nice grassy pastures made no sense, so I've gone with what I hope signifies a sort of swampy ground that follows the merfolk around.  It still looks like they're floating about the water somewhat, but they are being used to represent magical nature spirits....

I've also been working on bringing my Hunters of the Wild upto a full regiment of twenty, partly for tactical reasons, but also because I really love the freedom to paint a few individual minis and yet put them together in this most flexible of unit modelling opportunities.  Here we have an ancient Greek piper, three GW Ungors and another Wood Elf sprite.

These five figures are wood nymphs from Foundry's Greek mythology range and will double up in my collection as Hunters of the Wild.

Here we have the whole formidable regiment of the Hunters of The Wild

This is Ronaldo the bard, one of the Kickstarter exclusives, Mantic haven't released his rules yet, so for now I will use him as an alternative army standard.

And finally here are the first five of ten Basilean sisterhood panther riders I got with the Mantic crazy xmas box last year.
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