Saturday 31 August 2013

The Hobbit: Dwarf Grimhammers

It's been a few months since my last trip to middle-earth, I've now returned and painted a box of dwarf grimhammers from the Hobbit range.  These are really fantastic looking models and I'm very pleased with them.

A couple of weeks ago I actually played the Hobbit game for the first time, playing through a couple of the scenarios in boxed set.  It's quite fun really and I'd like to play it a bit more and use the rest of my middle-earth figures, however to take the next step you really need to buy the £50 rulebook (for the army lists and points values), and that's a bit steep for me.


  1. Nice work on these, and i must admit i was tempted to get back into LOTR/Hobbit stuff when these first came out. I may still do so someday...


  2. Very nice, I am just dipping my toe back in Fantasy and no way would I pay £50 for a rulebook GULP


  3. These are lovely, but a £50 rule book! Wow, that would make you stop and think, does it really need o be that expensive?

    1. what's really frustrating is that the boxed set comes with the complete rules, but only the stats for the figures in the box and no points values at all. So essentially its £50 for a book that you already have half of! And with two more hobbit movies on the way I worry that come Christmas it will be outdated anyway!

  4. Fantastic painted dwarfs!!!



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