Wednesday 26 November 2014

Army Focus - Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures

OK firstly be warned this is a big post, with more pictures than I've ever put in a post before.  This is a return to my surprisingly popular series of posts where I put up a bunch of pics of one of my armies or collections of toys for everyone to have a look at, today featuring my collection of Dungeon and Dragons Miniatures from Wizards of the Coast.

This was a game very similar to the Star Wars miniatures game that dominated my gaming for a couple of years, and like SWM these come prepainted in randomised boxes, with vastly varying quality.  In a lot of ways this was the more serious and tactical game out of the two, but I never developed the same love of it as I did for the Star Wars variant, mostly due to my lack of knowledge of the background.  D&D minis contains figures from various different realms supported by the main D&D game split into factions based on temperment, which lead to most reasonable powered warbands looking very bitty, and almost all theme squads being very unviable.  Unlike SWM which I still come back to from time to time, this collection hasn't been used in six years and it's essentially dead.

Lawful Good

Lawful good contains amongst other things, dwarves, angels, human guards, celetstials and warrior monks.  Generally slow and well armoured, and for me a bit boring.

Chaotic Good

The home of the elves, forest spirits, halflings and air elementals.  Generally fast and hard hitting, but fragile.

Chaotic Evil

The most fun faction for me and the largest in my collection, includes orcs, drow, bugbears, gnolls, fire elementals and all sorts of crazy monsters.

 Balrog Balor, my favourite D&D mini

Lawful Evil

Home of goblins, hobgoblins, duergar, undead, beholders, devils, kobolds and water elementals.


Some stuff can be used by multiple factions, which made a mess of both my miniatures and card filling systems I can tell you!

And finally a group shot of Drizzit and some of his allies and enemies, these are the few characters I have any knowledge of from the D&D background and that comes from a couple of average novels I read quite some time ago.


  1. very interesting and impressive collection !
    what' the scale about ? (for example, size of a human or a halfling ?)
    I've seen they are sold painted but did re-paint some of them (or all of them !)
    Many thanks for sharing !

    1. They're about 25-28mm scale, varies slightly from one set to the next, but they would work ok with most fantasy stuff on the market. The prepainting quality is also variable, but they can be repainted happily enough, although I only did it to a couple these were from a time when I didn't have much opportunity to paint.

  2. That is a large collection, shame it did not really work for you


    1. I might have been a bit despondent in my post, it wasn't that it didn't work for me at all, just that it always played second fiddle to SWM, but sometimes it was nice to have a slightly different game to play.

  3. Wow! What an amazing collection, I really love to see these photographs where you arrange the armies together. You start to get a real sense of the project's scale.

  4. Are these items for sale. I'm looking for approximately 36 miniatures with 4-6 heroes. Rogue. Mage. Ranger. Fighter. And rest to be monsters. Undead. Spiders. Dragon wyrmling. It's. Goblins and your average ruffian. A few bugbears. Four drow elves and some other misscelleneous miniatures.


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