Sunday 25 January 2015

Classic Citadel Mummies for Warhammer Quest

Whilst we've impatiently been waiting for Dungeon Saga to arrive we decided to fulfil our Dungeon craving by returning to an old favourite, Warhammer Quest.  This uses the Warhammer fantasy range extensively and most of the monsters that are encountered I can draw straight from that collection, occasionally though something pops up that we have to proxy, Mummies were in that category, until now that is.

I got these four classic mummies off of ebay, these are over 20 years old and are from a time before Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings had been separated into different armies.  I remember them coming out not long after I started collecting Citadel minis actually.  They're a little two-dimensional, but I think on the whole they hold up pretty well to todays standards.  As my Undead army is Vampire Counts I've given them Warhammer Quest specific bases as that's the only game I can see them being used in.

Monday 19 January 2015

Deadzone Wave 3

Well we got there, a year and a half after the funding target was met I've finally received the final part of my Deadzone Kickstarter package from Mantic Games.

There's not a huge amount in this package compared to the previous two, 42 minis, for the Enforcers and Forge Father factions.  What makes it interesting is that they're all hard plastic, which begs the important question; have Mantic finally managed to conquer hard plastic?

A bit of background for those not familiar with Mantic's hard plastic history, it all started many years ago with Mantics very first releases of hard plastic elves and skeletons, these were good quality and the sprues had lots of options, the sculpting was good (although the style of the elves wasn't to everyones taste), the future looked good.  Then for the next lot of releases, the fantasy dwarves & orcs and sci-fi forge fathers & marauders Mantic kept the same quality, but made the sprues much smaller and with far less options for customisation.  This was disappointing, but not the end of the world.  Then it got worse Mantic started to make their plastics in China instead of the UK, and whilst I'm sure it saved them money the quality of the Basilean Men at Arms was poor, really poor.  Since then Mantic have hardly used hard plastic, until now that is, lets see what we've got.....

Starting with the Enforcers we've finally got the basic troops sprue, each sprue contains five minis which can be made up with rifles or pistols and combat blades.  There are also optional pieces which allow you to make a sergeant and either a flame thrower or a heavy burst laser.

The plastics also form the base of these Enforcer Defenders, equipped with shotguns and blast shields.

These are the big boys, Enforcer Peacekeepers; the kit comes with a lot of options, you can have either gun and gauntlet or gun and blast shield, plus there are options for a sergeant, a heavy burst laser and a flamer.

Finally we have the Forge Fathers, these were harder to get unique poses out of and the leader was compulsory and not an option, they also come with heavy weapon options (three this time) and have six minis per sprue whereas the other two sprues had five each.

I've only built half of my package so far, but it's enough to answer the question; They're not perfect, there's still some mould lines (down the legs in particular) and all the legs have to be attached to specific bodies, which is a shame, but these plastics are a huge leap forward for Mantic and I think the future once again looks bright.  I'll be interested to see what the retail price ends up being for these and I now have high hopes for the plastics coming from the Kings of War Kickstarter later in the year.

Friday 9 January 2015

From The Painting Table #16

Another showcase of my latest eclectic selection of painted minis for today.  December was inevitably a busy month and I really didn't achieve much on the painting front at all, but what I did manage to do somehow was play a lot of Warhammer Quest....

Which leads me nicely to this chap, who is of course a classic citadel Chaos Warrior who has had a repaint and a dedicated Warhammer Quest style base rather than my normal green flock.  The party also contains a pit fighter, a wizard and a warrior priest.  Both the pit fighter and wizard have dedicated Warhammer Quest minis already so expect to see a warrior priest in the near future.

Next we have some additions to my Darkest Africa collection courtesy of Foundry, on the top a couple of British NCO's from their Boer War range and on the bottom an explorer both on and off a donkey.

Staying with Foundry somewhat randomly we have here two ancient Greek Hoplites, why? I really don't know except that I fancied painting them.

The last Hobbit movie was an enjoyable movie if admittedly not a masterpiece like the Lord of the Rings movies were, and it gave me the urge to paint a few more middle earth bits starting with this Tauriel.  I was quite pleased with the result until I photographed it and now the hair is looking way to bright so I will have to try and tone it down a bit somehow.

Not going far from Tauriel at all we have these wood elf archers from GW Lord of the Rings range, but who would of course happily work fighting along side Tauriel and Legolas in a Hobbit game.

Now to the first finished minis from my second wave Deadzone kickstarter package.  I started with a few Enforcers, which for some reason I really enjoy painting, from left to right we have an enforcer captain, Sgt Howlett and an enforcer with fusion gun.

Finally we have these two plague corrupted enforcers.  I've a veritable mountain of Deadzone stuff still to paint and of course I am eagerly awaiting the imminent arrival of wave 3.

Thursday 1 January 2015

Happy New Year 2015 & 2014 Highlights

Where did 2014 go? It only seems like yesterday that I was writing last years version of this post.  I'm not doing any resolutions this year either, but lets have a look at my favourite games/minis/things from the last year in a sort of mock award ceremony style that was quite popular last year.

The blog got off to a good start, but petered out over the summer as life and a new role at work got in the way, one major change was the introduction of a second writer, my mate Mike who contributed 5 posts throughout the year, hopefully we'll hear a bit more from him this year too.  Gaming has been quietly going on throughout the year, but with no one game dominating our time, a bit of a bitty year.

Favourite Project Finished in the Last 12 Months

Right at the start of the year I finally finished painting my High Elf army, that had been of the verge of being completed for around two years.  It was very gratifying to finally get it all finished, it's an army that I'm rather proud of as well.

Most Popular Post

This was much closer than last year, but the most popular thing I wrote was this little post on the miniatures from the new Mars Attacks game.  It was so good someone even decided it was worth copying!  Which whilst I can joke about it now riled me up at the time.

Best Wargame

It's been a year of small scale gaming really, with skirmish and board games coming to the fore.  However there were a few games of 40K and Warhammer fantasy and a single game of Kings of War, but the most played 'wargame' this year and the one I had the most fun with was Battlefronts' Flames of war.  We've still a lot to explore with this as well and I hope we play a lot more in 2015.

Best Board/Card Game

A surprise for me here as I'm awarding this to Mars Attacks by Mantic games.  I wasn't expecting much from Mars Attacks. I got it on Kickstarter as the deal became really good and I could use the minis in Deadzone, but it turns out that it's a really good fun game.  The light hearted silliness and scenario based format make replayability high as well.

Favourite New Miniatures

This is always the hardest decision, contenders this year included, Beorn & Thranduil from the Hobbit range, my Emhar Whippet and my Battlefront TOG 2*, but in the end my favourite new minis are definitely my Jalopy conversions based on PSC Stuarts for use in Flames of War.

Best Trip

It's not been a massive year for getting out and about for me, but my first ever trip to the tank museum at Bovington and a trip to Carisbrooke Castle (that I never quite got a round to posting about) were definitely fun, but my favourite trip of the year was my behind the scenes look at Bembridge fort on the Isle of Wight.

Favourite Book Read this Year

I read a lot over a variety of different subjects and fiction styles which makes picking a favourite book tricky, as comparing science books and Victorian fiction is next to impossible, however I think I've managed it.

The best book I read this year was the History of Mr Polly by HG Wells, if you haven't read it I recommend you give it a try.

Favourite New Movie

This doesn't have to mean released this year, just new to me, I go to the cinema rarely and am often 6-12 months behind.  There were four contenders here; The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies, Thor: The Dark World, The Lego Movie and Noah.

I've surprised myself, but I'm finally admitting it, The Lego Movie was better than the last Hobbit movie and is my favourite movie of the year.

Thing I'm Most Looking Forward to in 2015

Whilst you never know what the next year will bring, some things are expecting and some have been rumoured.  Possible highlights include Warhammer Fantasy 9th ed, and the second Deadzone Kickstarter.  I am also looking forward to receiving both Dungeon Saga and Kings of War from Mantic.

In the end the thing I'm most looking forward too is getting and playing Kings of War, I've only played a single battle so far but I enjoyed it a lot, depending on what's in the starter set I might not even get warhammer 9th ed.  I have several Kings of War units on the painting table in ready anticipation for the rulebooks arrival.

Best Wargames Company

The biggy, but somewhat predictable I think, I drifted even further from my original gaming home of GW this year, and have only bought 4 minis and one book from them.  My gaming group has also passed on the latest edition of 40K and look unlikely to bother to try and catch up, it's a shame their minis are second to none, but unless I win the lottery (which I don't play so that would be more than surprising!) GW have priced me out. 

Battlefront's Flames of War has had many games and lead me to collect two new armies, but again the prices mean that those armies contains minis from many other places as well as battlefront.

We've also played a bit of X-Wing this year from FFG, but although I like the game I've been playing with my mates models and haven't liked it enough to invest in my own set.

Which means of course we come to Mantic Games as this years winner (again!).  The year started with a flurry of Deadzone gaming before mantic took a backseat to larger scale games (flames of war, 40K and warhammer fantasy) over the summer before coming back with a vengeance when Mars Attacks landed.  Add to that the Dungeon Saga and Kings of War Kickstarters that I'm eagerly awaiting and Mantic are the deserved winner.

Finally I'd just like to wish all my readers a happy new year and thank you all for stopping by and reading what I write.
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