Friday 18 October 2013

Army Focus - Star Wars Miniatures Republic

 The Collection - Click to Enlarge
A quick look at another part of my star wars miniatures collection today, this time the army of the republic from the time of the prequel trilogy, concentrating mainly on the clone wars.  This is an army of three parts; The Jedi, the Clones and native troops (wookies, gungans, etc). 
The Jedi are clearly the coolest part, with many named Jedi all with unique special rules, but also some non-uniques you can field many of, including the awesome Jedi weapon masters.  The basic clones unfortunately are not good to play with, way overcosted for their 10HP and def13, which is a real shame.  Not all clones are created equal however and the clone commandoes are very powerful and for a while were a very successful tournament squad for me.

One disappointment with the Republic army is the lack of interesting large pieces, the couple of small skimmers are just dull and a bit ineffective.  In the end though it's really all about playing with the Jedi, and that's always fun.

 The many faces of the Jedi

Beware the Wookies


  1. Where can you find these kinds of minitures at?

    1. Hi there, I'm afraid they stopped making them a few years ago when wizards of the coast lost the star wars license (now of course in the hands of fantasy flight games who use it to produce X-wing), so your only option is ebay and other second hand sources.

  2. Neat collection! Looks like a nearly complete set!
    I don't see any Revwien or Ergesh there though...
    They'd love to see it over at Bloomilk...
    Do you make customs at all? Oppo Rancisis would be sweet!
    Do you have Roron Corobb and Foul Moudama? K Kruhk?
    Rahm Kota?

    Anywho, hope to see you over on Bloomilk (and maybe in the custom minis section)

    1. not quite complete still 24 figures to go! Out of the ones you mentioned I only have a Rahm Kota (though if I recall he's a rebel with republic infinity so you should find him on the rebel post)

      only ever done a couple of customs, chopping up models makes me cry!

      I used to frequent bloomilk a lot, but unfortunately I just don't play SWM very much any more, with the stopping of releases we've moved onto other things.

      Thanks for stopping by

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