Wednesday 25 March 2015

Wargames Foundry Greek Mythology Figures For Warhammer Quest

I've slowly been collecting foundry's Greek Mythology range over the last few years and a few weeks ago I placed another order for two of the larger monsters; a Hydra and a Chimaera.  I had an extra incentive to buy them, for as well as being added to my Greek collection they are also intended for use in Warhammer Quest. 

As you get to higher levels a lot of larger monster appear and I only really had a couple of Manticores to represent them all.  As well as being cheaper than 'official' GW models they are also a lot smaller, which wouldn't normally be an advantage, but when you're fighting in the close confines of a dungeon smaller minis are actually a win.

The Hydra

The Chimaera

Wargames Foundry have this really wonderful policy of throwing in a couple of free minis with orders, this time I got a free Gorgon and a free Harpy.  I already had the Gorgons in my collection and as there are only three gorgons in Greek myth this bonus one has been painted up for Warhammer Quest too.

And finally this Harpy, who can't be used in Warhammer Quest, but does make a welcome addition to the Greek collection.


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