Thursday 27 September 2012

More Alpha Legion legion

I've been absent from here for a couple of weeks, with real life getting in the way and having a couple of posts that just can't quite seem to get themselves finished off.  But nonetheless I've returned with reinforcements for my alpha legion.  First off some much needed elite forces in the form of a Terminator squad.  I've mixed in a couple of pieces I had spare from my chaos lord.  There's a couple of chainfists and a lightning claw mixed in, but game wise they will all count as having a powerfist (their weren't enough in the kit).

I've also finished my first models from Dark Vengeance (thoughts coming soon), which is a squad of the new cultists armed for ranged warfare.

Below is a pic of my new army now and its finally starting to get somewhere!


  1. And just like that a new army! Well done they're looking very cohesive - good choices of colours and contrasts to make 'em stand out.

    Just need to roll some dice for em now and re-mortgage the houser to afford the new codex...

    What do YOU think of the new releases, not a chaos man myself but interested on your thoughts?

    1. Yeah it's always nice to see that new army get to the playable stage for the first time

      What do I think?

      well to start with it's all VERY expensive, all of it. Which puts a bit of a downer on it to start wirh. As for the models I find them a mixed bag, I like the fact that chaos are getting some unique vehicles, not just SM ones with spikes, but not overly pleased with some of the execution. The dragon is a disapointment, I'm not keen on it which is a real shame, it seems to be missing its backend, and the wings are too big and flat. I'm hoping it grows on me. The mauler/forge feind is much better and I might well try to pick one up at some point. The warp talons/raptors are OK, if a little 'busy' as models. The new finecast HQ's are a mixed bag too with only the warpsmith standing out for me, I might end up getting a dark apostle for gaming reasons, but the models doesn;t grab me.

      In the end I suppose it's just a big 'meh' nothing there at a price that makes me want to have one straight away.

  2. Also picked up the LE:DV boxset, so am looking forward to seeing what I can do with the chaos models within. Especially the hellbrute! Love the work on the cultists there, and good work on the terms!

    1. cheers for the kind coments, the chosen that I'm working on at the moment from DV are really great


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