Friday 4 January 2013

Happy New Year! 2013

Well happy new year everybody! I know it's a bit late, but a hangover, helping a friend decorate and having to do that annoying work thing have all got in the way of me finishing this post.  It's been an interesting year with the jubilee, olympics and of course a miraculous apocalypse survival.

My blog has reached a much wider audience this year, with a doubling in followers and my hit rate going up steadily.  I've managed to post consistently as well, although there were a couple of months I slipped up a bit.

These argonauts were among my favorite models this year.

My gaming year was dominated by 40K in the end, especially gaming time, but also with painting as I added a whole new army in my alpha legion and an imperial guard detactment.  The second game of the year turned out to be victory at sea, again with both gaming and painting, we are looking foward to the second edition of this next year.  Alas not everything I paint ends up getting used on the battlefeild, both my ancient greek and LOTR collections got a lot of models painted this year, but neither saw a game, hopefully something that will get remedied next year.

I'm hoping to play a lot of dreadball this year

It's also time to look back at those resolution things I made this time last year

1.  to continue blogging, my blogs not been a roaring success, but its not been a disaster either, more importantly I do enjoy it, so I resolve to keep blogging at least once a week. - 109 posts in 2012 says that this one is a success

2.  to finally get my high elf army upto 3000pts by finishing the unit of reavers and the unit of sea guard that have been sat at the side of my table for the last 8 months. - fail the reavers got done, but the sea guard still aren't finished.

3.  to finish painting the ships and monsters from Dreadfleet.  - yep done... and they've not been out of the box since, make your own judgement on that one.

4.  to get at least 1500pts of eldar painted so we can at least play some battles with them.  -  just, but thats still a success

5.  not to buy more models than I paint, so the queue at least is reducing.  - a success! the size of my queue has reduced by exactly 15 models!

6.  to spend more time playing a bigger variety of games - fail, nowhere near as many games as I would have liked this year.

4 out of 6 isn't bad, still not having the high elf army finished is kinda gutting.  I've got less resolutions for this year, they are.......

1.  Finish the damned high elf unit

2.  Paint all the models form my Hobbit boxed set.

3.  Paint all the models from the dreadball kickstarter and actually play a bunch of games.

4.  Don't buy any models between new year and easter (clearly silly, but another attempt to reduce the queue).

we'll see how I did at these this time next year.


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