Sunday 7 April 2013

Army Focus - Star Wars Miniatures Imperials

A few weeks ago I posted a couple of silly pics of my star wars minis AT-AT in the snow.  It generated a lot more interest than expected so in the latest installment of my occasional 'army focus' series we have my Imperial army for Star Wars Miniatures.

Army might not be the right word actually, as actually playing with all this is one battle would be practically impossible, collection might be a better word.  SWM was very much a skirmish game and got clunky at anything more than about 20 minis per side, we did play a few larger battles, but they never seemed to work properly.

Too many Stormtroopers? No such thing!
The Imperials are very much the grunt force of SWM's and you find yourself feilding a lot less named characters than you do in the other factions.  To play really well you also need to combine the right commander effects to make your somewhat useless grunts become less useless.

Which Vader shall we play with today?

The Imperials do have some (anti)heroes, it's just that most of them are different versions of Darth Vader.

SWM also makes full use of Star Wars expanded universe and timeline, which means the Imperial faction can conatain poeple several hundered years apart, as well as various dark side force users and specialist troops not seem in the movies.

The future of this force? well there isn't one really, SWM is pretty well dead, and although I still enjoy playing I just don't get as much gaming in as I'd like and SWM's seems to get pushed to the back of the queue behind more 'current' games, which is a shame, it's a game I miss. 


  1. Impressive army/collection and very good figures!

    poor C-3PO lost in that big range!

  2. A very impressive army indeed! I've got a handful (a very large handful) of SWM and I do think it's a shame that it's a bit of dying game.
    But you can get them from some places still, though not for much longer I'm afraid.
    Still, I'm not sure you really need to panic about getting more miniatures.

    1. totally on needing more minis, I have similar numbers for the other major factions too, which I might get around to putting up at somepoint. I'd just like to play a few games again

  3. G'day mate, was wondering where you get these miniatures from and are they similar to the Citadel (Warhammer 40K) miniatures?

    1. I'm afraid they stopped making them a couple of years ago, however ebay normally has plenty of listings. They're about the same size as citadel minis, but are soft plastic pre-paints which are quite a different beast. They can be repainted though the same as any other mini.


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