Wednesday 17 April 2013

40K Chaos Space Marine Alpha Legion Hellbrute

It's finally warmed up a bit and that means it'll soon be the season for full on wargames (since my big table had to move to the garage it's been board games in the winter) and I've been inspired to start finishing off some 40K and warhammer projects thats have been languishing at the back of the painting table. 

The first of these to be completed is the Hellbrute from the dark vengeance boxed set.  It's a great model and a nice improvement on the old chaos dreadnaughts, it actually looks properly chaosy now, before they were too Imperial.  Unfortunatley I've never had any real success on the battlefeild with dreadnaughts of any variety, I find they're just not worth their points, still it's a nice model for the shelf.

1 comment:

  1. Not sure I agree! Constructive critacism alway welcome though!


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