Sunday 1 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Well happy new year to all my readers I hope 2012 brings us all some hobby goodness!  It's also the time of year for a few reflections and (yikes!) a few resolutions.

This is the first year I've been blogging and way back in april I wasn't sure if anyone would read what I wrote or if I'd still even be blogging by this point.  But I'm glad I'm still doing it and my hit rate has gone up a lot recently, as I write this I've had just over 26,000 hits, but the last three months account for over 17,000 of those.  The upward trend really helps me want to write more and make it feel like there is a point to doing this.  Thank you to my regular readers for reading and in particular to those who leave comments (even those critizing what I've had to say), and I wish a happy new year to everybody.

Will the 6th Ed make 2012 the year of 40k?

My gaming year has been dominated by Victory at Sea, and to a lesser extent Dwarf Kings Hold and Dreadfleet.  I've also noticed a trend in my spending away from GW products and towards Navwar, Mantic and various other places, will this change in 2012 with the new 6th ed 40k and the new vampire counts or will I head into warpath and project pandora? Only time (and pricing) will tell.

Or will Mantic Games win out?

Also I'm going to put a few targets down here, as I'm hoping that if they are on the internet there's a greater chance I might actually do them.

Firstly to continue blogging, my blogs not been a roaring success, but its not been a disaster either, more importantly I do enjoy it, so I resolve to keep blogging at least once a week.

Secondly to finally get my high elf army upto 3000pts by finishing the unit of reavers and the unit of sea guard that have been sat at the side of my table for the last 8 months.

Thirdly to finish painting the ships and monsters from Dreadfleet.  To be honest this should be the easiest as I'm nearly there.

Fourthly to get at least 1500pts of eldar painted so we can at least play some battles with them.

Fifthly not to buy more models than I paint, so the queue at least is reducing, this one will be the hardest by a long way I feel.

And finally to spend more time playing a bigger variety of games, I have a lot of boardgames that only rarely get used, which is a big shame.

That will do I think, we'll see how well I did this time next year.


  1. Happy New Year and good luck on that fifth one! ;-)

  2. Finally found your blog, and it's a nice one. Happy painting in 2012!

    A Happy New Year to you and your family Keith!


  3. @ jason, I know it's almost certainly wishful thinking, but still it's a goal!

    @ peter, welcome! I like your blog too.


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