Sunday 26 May 2013

Why You should Plegde On The Deadzone Kickstarter.......

Essentially because I have and the more of you that do the more freebies I get!  But seriously this is looking like a great deal for what you get with a lot of cool stuff.  Lets have a closer look.

Deadzone is mantic games latest game that is being launched on kickstarter, much like dreadball was, and like dreadball is written by the genius that is Jake Thornton.  Although it shares some basic mechainics with dreadball and is set in the same warpath universe, this is an elite skirmish game.  Something I've been wanting to add to my collection since the winter when it's too cold to play on my large table in the garage.  We tried a home-brew system, but well I'm no rules designer and this looks simple and elagant, but full of possibilities.

If you're going to pledge you should really be looking at the $150 (note thats dollars not pounds) strike team level which gets you the rules, a board, a bunch of scenary, 4 complete factions (plus a 5th one of your choice free!)  and some special chracaters (and hopefully soon some zombies).

Just on the amount of stuff you get it's good value, but I think the real value in this set is the versitily of it and the different ways it can all be used.  The core way of playing is as a standard skirmish battle game one on one trying to kill each other.  Fine.  Great.  But it's much more than that it also has a Mordheim/Necromunda style campaign system, which as we all know are a lot of fun.  It also come with the nexus-psi campaign which is a narritive camapaign using set models and objectives, currently 7 scenarios, although that might rise further yet if more poeple plegde, thats more scenarios than came in dwarf kings hold:dead rising which was a scenario driven game...  And thats not all, solo rules are in the works so you can blow up some.....

you'll get 5 zombies for free but 20 more for an extra $15 is hard to resist

Zombies!  Another great addition to the game is the shambling zombies that will attack all factions even the plague they are 'related' too.  Which means of course you have to fight the 'enviroment' as well as your opponent.  All in all thats a lot of value and gameplay variety from one set.

But I'm not finished.. all the models and scenary can also be used for sci-fi wargames!  The scenary will obviously easily translate and you can never have enough scenary  it's rather cool stuff as well thats deisgned to be assembled in many different ways.  The models will all have rules for warpath and I'm going to slot most of them into my 40K armies as well.  I already use enforcers in my imperial guard, the plague are going to make great mutated cultists and the bigger ones chaos spawn.  The rebs will make a fanatastic alt Imperial gaurd squad as well (probaly veterans) and although the marauders are orcs I'm tempted to use thoose ripper suits with guns as obliterators. 

Look at everything you get so far! 5 sci-fi zombies to be added soon as well and a whole week to go!


  1. This is the kickstarter in which I have invested the most... I'm way pass veteran :) I'll get a pretty gen1 in resin

    So many games, so little time...

    1. sounds similar to me, also my biggest kickstarter investment, I won't get that resin 1st gen, but will get the resin reb commander. December seems a long way away


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