Monday 3 June 2013

Dreadball - Judwan Team & Season 1 MVP's

A lot of painted Dreadball minis to show off today.  Starting with the first of my season 2 teams, the Judwan.  I love both the look and gaming concept of these guys (all strikers, so no punching at all, but super quick and skilled) and will definitely be using them in my next game.  Included in the pics below is the Judwan star player Mee-kel Judwan (awesome pun!), I've decided that I may as well paint team specific MVP's in the colours of said team so from now on will be painting them at the same time as the teams.

The next batch of pictures contains The season one MVP's.  A bit of a mixed bunch, Buzzcut, the Enforcer and John Doe are all brilliant, but Gorim Ironstone and Number 88 are not.  Surprisingly my new favourite MVP is Wildcard and her Tron styling, it's amazing how a paint job can change so drastically my opinion of a model.

Buzzcut, The Enforcer & Reek Rolat
Number 88, Wildcard & John Doe
Gorim Ironstone, Lucky Logan & Slippery Joe

Finally I've also painted the Kickstarter trophy....

If you read my last Dreadball post you'll remember that there were a couple of issues with my delivery, mantic quickly got back to me and my female corp guard is no longer headless!  On top of that a z'zor jack will also be heading my way, I have to be patient on that front, but will end up with a free guard model for my trouble, I can live with that.

On other mantic related news deadzone did rather well in the end reaching over $1.2million!  Which means I will have another huge pile of models to paint come the winter, brilliant!  I'm really looking forward to the game as well and after loving dreadball have no worries that mantic will be able to deliver on their promises.

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