Friday 17 June 2011

The Fifth Wave

Here are the latest additions to my 1:3000 scale WW2 Royal Navy fleet (all models from Navwar).

First off four monitors.  On the left we have two WW1 vintage monitors the Erebus class HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, and on the right the Roberts class HMS Roberts and HMS Abercrombie.  I like these a lot, they're very different to anything else in the fleet and they proved effective in the game as well, packing a lot of punch for a ship in its points bracket.

Next the battleships HMS Duke of York (King George V class) and HMS Nelson (Nelson class).

More battleships, this time all Queen Elizabeth class.  From left to right HMS Valiant, HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS Malaya.

Next four Tribal class destroyers and three tiny but very effective anti-submaine flower class corvettes.

These are two light cruisers, on the left the leander class HMS Orion and on the right the town class HMS Gloucester.

And finally HMS Vanguard escorted by two V/W class destroyers.  HMS Vanguard was finished just after WW2, but Victory at sea includes rules for it and it's an interesting ship.  It was the largest and fastest battleship ever built by the Royal Navy and in fact was the last ever battleship built in the world.

I managed to get in a couple of games of Victory at Sea last weekend, first off we tried the convoy scenario a couple of times, it worked pretty well but the german attackers seemed to suffer a lot from having less ships.  Then we tried the carrier clash scenario, this was the first time we've use the plane rules.  They're ok I think, the planes can be very, very powerful if they get the chance to bomb ships, but fighters pretty much kill bombers with ease, I think its not to bad as long as both players have a bunch of planes, I'm not so sure having lots of ships vs a lot of planes would be as much fun.

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