Tuesday 18 March 2014

Classical Ruined Temple

I was in the new 'The Range' store we have in my town the other day having a bit of a nosey around when I spied this fish tank ornament.  It was a couple of quid and I instantly decided to buy it as I've wanted a couple of bits of classical terrain for a while to accompany my ancient/mythological Greek collection.

Obviously it's the wrong colour, and there are some bubbles in it, but a very quick repaint and I have a rather nifty little terrain piece. 


  1. Well that's a great find and a wonderful repaint to boot.

  2. I have done that myself...seems fish like Greek ruins. Funny thing is I bought like 12 of them....and never have used them...but plan too...I have only had them like 5 years.

    1. I have too many projects in the 'too start' pile, let alone the 'too finish' pile!

  3. I've often looked after those items in Shops, but they were always too expensive or ugly...
    This one is good! cheap enough ?


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