Sunday 17 July 2011

Mantic Plastic-Resin Wraiths

I've purchased a box of Mantic Games Wraiths to expand my warhammer vampire counts army, these are the first models I've bought that are made out of Mantics plastic-resin material.

They come in the slim Mantic hard plastic case, which I'm a big fan of they're really useful storage boxes.  I actually prefer the slimmer 'small' boxes as they take the models better.

Inside the box you get two bags of 5 wraiths, two pieces of foam (which I PVA to the box to make up the storage solution) 10 square bases and a Mantic point.  Each bag of 5 wraiths includes 3 one piece models, 2 armed with swords and one with a scythe.  The other two in each bag have a couple of arm options, including another scythe, a flail and a mace.

Here is a picture of 5 of the wraiths aseembled, the box contains two each of these.

I like them, they appear floating and ghostlike, I like the variety of weapons, but I would have liked another scythe option as it is the seminal weapon associated with this troop type.  Another thing is that they are very much tied into the Kings of War range with scuplting links to the Revenants in particular.  The plastic-resin material that the models are made from is odd and wasn't what I was expecting.  It is a hard resin very different to the new Citadel Finecast, and it doesn't have the same sharpness nor the flexibilty.  Having said that I think this resin is designed for making troops not single extremly high quality characters as Mantic are still releasing such models in metal.  It needs superglue to stick together and took the glue well, and like finecast will take dropping a lot better than a metal model.

Here are the first 5 painted:

And now moving on to the comparison bit......

For comparision here is my unit of GW Wraiths painitng in a similar scheme.  Which ones are better? I think its really close, but I come down slightly on the side of the GW ones, I think its the cowled heads.  That is until you look at the price, the retail price of the box of 10 Mantic wraiths is £14, GW ones cost £7.20 each which means 10 would cost you a whopping £72!!! that means the GW ones cost nearly 5 times as much, I'm aware that they're made from metal which will inevitably increase the price, but still.  And I do prefer the new resins coming out as a material than metal, I game with my models and the do get dropped, so being more resiliant to this is a massive plus in my book.

Overall another great product from Mantic at a great price, Highly recommended.

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