Sunday 3 July 2011

Warpath Beta is Out

Mantic Games new Sci-Fi game rules beta is finally out and I've had a quick look over the rules and have decided to share my first thoughts on it.  This isn't intended to be a comprehensive review just a few thoughts on things I thought were interesting.

If I had to describe it in one sentenace I'd say think 40K crossed with Kings of War (KoW), which I reckon was pretty well the intention.

It's squad based much like 40K with minis being on indivivual round bases (i'm guessing for comerical reasons 25mm diameter).

Squad leader models are required and are quite important.  All models in a squad must be within 5" of unit leader, means units have a maximum footprint, this is the same no matter number of troops, so bigger units will potentially be more bunched, although I saw nothing about template weapons so this probaly won't matter.  The game also uses true line of sight based on weather the squad leader can see the target (ignoring own units models).

WS/BS combined into one attack characteristic, although the two types of attacks do have different strengths

Its I go you go, like 40k or warhammer, except that you only ever do things in your turn, this means of course thats it's also designed for chess clock use.  Which I think is a good thing, will most poeple use a chess clock for a normal battle at home? no of course not, but for tournaments or even when time is short ( a problem I often have) its a useful option.

Squad Heavy Weapons can fire at seprate targets.  What a revelation in common sense.

The Game has integral aircraft rules, which pop on and off the board, shooting and zooming off again.

Like in KoW heroes are seperate enities that can't join other units. Not so keen on this, but its not a big deal.

The army lists are also designed like KoW in needing solid units to include heroes/monsters/tanks/ordanace, but other than that giving free reign.

As with any wargame, a key feature in weather warpath will succead or not will depend largely on the model range, so far we have seen concept sketches for the Forge Fathers (space dwarfs) and Marauders (space orks) and I have to say I think the Forge Father ones in particular look rather spiffing, lets hope this game lives up to its potential.

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