Tuesday 26 July 2011

From The Painting Table 6

Another collection of random painted models that I've finished over the last week or so, oddly this time out of the 4 things featured I only have a gaming use for the last one.

To start with a Guild Mechanical Assistant from Malifaux, I know nothing about Malifaux, but just love the Victorian Sci-Fi imagery this brings up and had to buy and paint him.

This is the French Minelaying Cruiser Pluton, it came in the same pack as the Emile Bertain and Jeanne D'Arc which are in my Free French Fleet, the Pluton didn't serve with the Free French however and actually doesn't have any rules in Victory at Sea, but I decided to paint it up anyway, it may get a use in a scenario at some point.

The second mini from the Dragon Quest board game I've painted, this is some sort of knight with a giant mace, he's OK, but not as good as the druid guy I painted earlier.  He has some weird puffy shoulder pads.

And finally the second lot of mantic Wraiths from the boxed set (see full thoughts on them here)

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