Tuesday 12 April 2011

From the Painting Table 1

So again I'm showing some pics of my latest finished projects.  I don't normally manage to crank out models quite as quickly as I have in the last week but I've had some time off work and have spent a large chunk of it painting.

First up we have the skeletons from dwarf kings hold

So we have the 12 skeletons and 2 extra ones rising from the ground that are also on the sprues (which to my mind is 14 skeletons).  I'm pretty impressed with these boyo's all round, I think they're great models and highly recommend them.  I've bought another 10 with command groups to bring them up to a proper seized regiment.

Next we have these 2 rat ogres I picked up on ebay originally form the island of blood set to add to my rat ogre regiment.  I plan to use my regiment of 6 to provide the 'punch' in my 1k skaven army.

And finally these 2 servo-skulls for 40k.  I don't know why but I love floating mechanical skulls.  I have no real gaming use for these I just think they're cool.

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