Sunday 3 April 2011

Mantic Revenants

My copy of 'Dwarf Kings Hold: Dead Rising' the new dungeon crawler from Mantic Games was dispatched on friday and whilst i'm waiting for it to turn up I thought I'd take the opportunity to show off my Mantic Revenants (the equivilent of Games Workshop's Grave Guard)

For those that haven't heard of them Mantic are a new company doing 28mm fantasy figures for their own game Kings of War, but that are compatabile with the daddy of fantasy battle games, Games Workshop's Warhammer.  Now the quality isn't quite as good as those from GW, but they're still nice characterful models with nice little extras, like those shown in the 3rd pic.  Then there is the price, those 30 Revenants cost me £22 the same number of Grave Guard from GW would cost £61.50! now thats a big difference, even with the slight drop in quality.  Anyway my point is this, theres lots of models out there take a look around and see if you can add some different models to your army.  Don't just restrict yourself to fantasy models either, I'm giving serious consideration to adding some perry miniatures wars of the roses figures to my Bretonnian army.

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