Sunday 15 May 2011

From the Painting Table 4

The usual random collection of random models I've just finished painting, first up we have a regiment of 20 mantic ghouls.  I first painted 4 free ones a few weeks ago and liked them enough to buy a whole regiment, I went for the option with the metal Ghast upgrade torso too.

I'm really pleased with these models and even for a limited sprue (the 20 models are on 10 2 man sprues) the regiment comes across with just enough variation, I think the 3 optional weapons help a lot but a fourth head would have helped even more.

Next we have a dwarf slayer painted for use in warhammer quest

Here we have a random very old Bretonnian knight on foot that I found.

I miss foot knights, I know they don't really fit into the current background but I'm secretly hoping for a return when the army book is redone

And finally something a bit different to my usual projects

A WW2 LTV4 Buffalo.  This is an airfix kit in 1:76 scale of an amphibious vehicle used by both the american and british armies.  Mines painted as British (although I not sure on  the level of accuracy).  I don't build that many airfix kits (7 in the last 3 years) but every so often I get the urge and tend to do 2-3 at once.  I think there will a few more in the near future.


  1. Those ghouls are nice (both models and your paint job), though the mold lines on the bald heads are a pain. Personally I'd have mixed the palette up a bit in the unit too, though keeping to just a few colours makes army painting much faster.


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