Wednesday 4 May 2011

Size Matters

So todays topic, how big should a game of warhammer be?

when I was younger we used to play warhammer at generally 2000-3000pts, but since our resurgence of warhammer playing at the end of 7th ed and with the new 8th ed my gaming group has played almost exclusively 1000pt games, this is so we can get 3-4 games in in an evening on my one table.  But in the last couple of weeks I've now played at 2000pts and 3000pts again and its given me the distinct felling that playing warhammer at  above 2000pts under the new rules (and on my sized table) has just become a dice rolling and list building exercise.  Although this may have had something to do that we rolled the lengthways scenario and I was Fielding a dwarf army with heavy shooting, but even so, the magic and artillery on both sides was so powerful and a silly amount was being removed way before any combat could take place.  I suppose it depends what you want from the game, I like to try and outmanoeuvre my foe and win with clever tactics, one of my mates just likes to line up models and charge (he plays orcs) and I think bigger games in this edition are more suited towards his style of play.

Of course there is another major factor on game size and thats the size of your table, we play generally on a 6'x4' table, which at 1000-2000pts allows for tactical maneuvering and the option of playing a refused flank deployment and trying to outflank your opponent, once you get to 3000 pts it just doesn't.  I'm supposing playing bigger games on bigger tables would allow for more maneuvering, but unfortunately I can't see me getting a bigger table any time soon.

I think it comes down to what you want from the game and how big your table is.  For me on my table I think the answer is no bigger than 2000pts.  I'm gonna keep my small games I think.


  1. "I like to try and outmanoeuvre my foe"

    With Dwarfs? Really?

  2. yes, with dwarfs. Gyrocopters, miners and the anvil all allow for manoeuvres. Also you can use your guns to try and force the opponents manovere.

    I don't just play with dwarfs annyway, I also have warriors of chaos, skaven, high elves, wood elves, dogs of war, bretonnian, orc & goblin & vampire counts army's.


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